Friday, 16 September 2016

Roberto Puts Up His Big Barefeet


ROBERTO is back to give us a NICE BAREOOT SHOW! This guy has no idea how SEXY HIS FEET are. When he TOOK HIS SOCKS OFF and showed them to us, we couldn't get enough. This guy has it going on! His great PLUMP TOES and SOFT SOLES are enough for us to get WEAK AT THE KNEES. Roberto is more than happy for us to DROOL WATCHING THEM. He's very comfortable in front of the camera. The only thing we need to know is ARE THEY TICKLISH?! I'm sure we'll find out very soon. Enjoy Roberto's BIG MASCULINE BAREFEET!


Friday, 09 September 2016

Caleb Gives Grizz a Good Foot Licking


CALEB and GRIZZ are back! Grizz said he enjoys GETTING ATTENTION TO HIS FEET. Well, he's definitely at the right place! We knew Caleb would be more than happy to help. In this shoot, we see Caleb GO WILD on Grizz's SEXY BOY FEET. He wastes not time and gets RIGHT INTO WORSHIPPING THEMHE LOVES TO GET HIS TONGUE ON GRIZZ'S SOLES AND TOES (and it shows). There is no shortage FOOT LICKING in this one! Grizz just lays back and enjoys his FEET WORKED ON. At the end, we see Caleb take both of Grizz's FRATBOY FEET and put BOTH DIRECTLY ON HIS FACE! Grizz knows what to do - HE RUBS THEM ALL OVER CALEB'S FACE!! It really doesn't get better than this. Enjoy!


Friday, 02 September 2016

Max's Sexy Sleeping Feet on the Bed


MAX is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD! This hottie called us and said as we picked up the phone "WANT SOME FEET?" We knew exactly who it was. Max (aka Tate Ryder) has some of the MOST AMAZING FEET EVER! We took him up on his offer immediately! He came over and told us how tired he was. No problem...we have a cure for that! We told him to have a nap and put the camera at the FOOT OF THE BED! Of course, we had him BAREFOOT. We got some wonderful video of his HUGE WIDE BARE SOLES and BIG TOES. He even FLEXED THEM for us! At the end he turned on his side and showed us HIS MASCULINE SOLES SIDE BY SIDE. A GOOD WET TONGUE could have done wonders for him and US!


Friday, 26 August 2016

Joe Justice Props His Big Smelly Feet Up


This week we have a dreamboat! His name is JOE JUSTICE and this is one bona fide SEXY GUY! He is tall, has beautiful eyes, a great body, and is WILLING TO PLEASE US FOOT GUYS! What more could we ask for?? Now lets get to the goods. Joe has GORGEOUS SIZE 12 FEET. He starts off in his CONVERSE SNEAKS and then then takes them off to reveal GREAT MUSKY SMELLING BLACK SOCKS. It's not long before his SOCKS COME OFF. Voila! Low and behold, he has AMAZING SOFT BIG FEET! He gives us a good show of them. They are worth every moment. What a thrill! Enjoy!


Friday, 19 August 2016

Roberto Shows Us His Sexy Latin Feet


We would like to introduce you to ROBERTO. Our newest model is sure to stimulate your senses. Roberto is one SEXY LATIN GUY! This guy has it all - dark rugged looks, masculine features and of course, BIG DELICIOUS SIZE 11.5 FEET! They looked great on camera. He started off in this shoot a bit nervous, but as we walked him through it he became very comfortable with us FOOT GUYS. It starts off with his BROWN LEATHER SHOES, then HE TAKES THEM OFF to reveal some AMAZING BLACK MUSKY SOCKS. He then REMOVES HIS SOCKS so we can drool over his SMOOTH LATIN FEET. They looked so LICKABLE! I think it's time for a trip to South America! Enjoy!


Friday, 12 August 2016

Caleb Gives Grizz a Sensual Foot Massage


CALEB can't get enough of GRIZZ'S SEXY FEET! Grizz knows how much that Caleb WANTS HIS FEET. In this shoot, we thought Caleb should do a bit of work and give Grizz a SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. Caleb, with his shirt off, was more than happy to oblige. It starts off slow, with some SOCKED FOOT MASSAGING, but it doesn't take long for the SOCKS TO COME OFF. Caleb uses his strong hands to WORK GRIZZ'S FEET OVER. He gets DEEP IN HIS SOLES and ALL OVER HIS TOES. Grizz is loving it! Right near the end, Caleb can't resist anymore - he takes Grizz's BOY TOES AND PUTS THEM IN HIS MOUTH. Mmmm. You can tell they TASTE GREAT!


Friday, 05 August 2016

Jake Cruise's Final Foot Frenzy


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are back! This may be Jake Cruise's final foot show for a while. Jake is looking at doing some other content for the time being. Too bad for us! His wonderful array of STRAIGHT HOT GUY FEET was enough to keep us begging for more! In this shoot, we have MATTHEW ROSS. This FRAT STUD has GREAT FEET. He does a solo that is sure put a smile on our face. Next up, ZACK COOK gets a SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. His FEET LOOK BIG AND SOFT. Who could resist? Then, we have JESSY JONES. This BEAUTIFUL BOY has such a cute face and INCREDIBLE FEET! It really doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy!


Friday, 29 July 2016

Max Reveals His Big Masculine Barefeet


This is the week everybody has been waiting for! MAX (aka Tate Ryder) reveals his BIG, JUICY, GORGEOUS BAREFEET! This guy has it all going on - AMAZING BODY, SEXY FACE, and WONDERFUL, HUGE FEET! In this shoot, Max RIPS HIS SOCKS OFF. He knows you guys LOVE HIS FEET and he wants you to ADMIRE THEM. His SOLES are STRONG AND WIDE. To WORSHIP THESE FEET would be COMPLETE FOOT HEAVEN! He TEASES US WITH THEM. "You want to LICK MY FEET?" Oh boy, do we ever! Watch Max in all his FOOT GLORY. This one is worth watching a few times. :)


Friday, 22 July 2016

Chris Stone Tickles and Worships Gabe Russel's Feet


This week we have a DYNAMIC DUO! Two guys don't hold back - CHRIS STONE and GABE RUSSEL. These TWO STUDS get into HOT FOOT ACTION and there is not stopping either of them. This shoot has it all - FOOT TICKLE, FOOT SPANKING and even some EROTIC FOOT WORSHIP. Who could ask for more? I'm not sure if either of these guys have a FOOT FETISH, but they certainly know how to tempt us. Watch Chris do a number on Gabe's BIG FEET. These studs seem to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I know you guys will too!



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