Friday, 09 October 2015

John G. Gets a Sensual Foot Massage


JOHN is oh so tired! Lucky for us, LEWIS knows exactly what to do. When our models get tired, there is nothing better than having them take a nap and get a RELAXING FOOT MASSAGE. They just lie back and let Lewis work his magic. Those tired, SEXY FEET get a nice LONG DEEP RUB. The models love it, and our viewers like the angles too - everybody wins! In this shoot, watch John get his HUGE FEET WORKED ON. Lewis knows exactly how to TREAT JOHN'S FEET. The shoot was very sensual. I think John will be back for more! Enjoy! 

Friday, 02 October 2015

Caleb Can't Stop Worshipping Blake and Peter's Sexy Feet


CALEB ís in a HOT BOY FEET FRENZY! That's right. This guy is not allowing the FOOT WORSHIP SCENE TO END! He started getting into BLAKE and PETER'S SEXY BOY FEET hours ago. He won't stop! Calbe LOVES THESE GUY'S FEET. Blake and Peter are only too happy to oblige. Once Caleb gets his TONGUE on their SOFT BOY TOES AND SOLES it's a free for all! Caleb gets them in EVERY POSITION IMAGINABLE. He even gets them to go on their knees on the chair and put their SOLES BEHIND THEM. They look back and see Caleb going to town on each of their BIG FEET. Caleb can't handle FOUR SEXY BOYFEET IN HIS FACE. Could you? You have to watch the video to see HOT BOY FEET WORSHIP at its best!


Friday, 25 September 2015

Win Soldier's Amazing Bare Feet In Our Face


WIN SOLDIER is here to entice us. This SEXY EUROPEAN gives us exactly what we want to see - HOT MALE FEET in SNEAKS, SOCKS and BARE. This guy has HUGE SIZE 12s and knows exactly what we want to see. Watch Win show us his BIG CONVERSE SNEAKS. He slowly takes them off and gives them a big whiff. We get to see enjoy his LARGE WHITE SOCKED FEET. If only we could put our face in there! Next, his SOCKS ARE PEELED OFF and we get a close up of his GORGEOUS BIG BAREFEET. What a guy, what a show! Enjoy.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Sean Jacob's Sexy Feet on the Patio


SEAN JACOB is back! This cute ASIAN STUD is here to give us another look at his BIG WIDE FEET. This time, we get to see him on a hot summer day on the patio have a nice rest. Of course, LEWIS is here to take care of him real good. He gives them a nice SLOW SENSUAL MASSAGE. We get to see this cute boy's FEET UP CLOSE. They look VERY LICKABLE. What do you guys think? Enjoy!


Friday, 11 September 2015

Blake and Peter Get Their Boy Feet Worshipped


The only thing better than a HOT BOY'S FEET is TWO HOT BOY'S FEET! This week we have PETER and BLAKE together! They have teamed up to give CALEB a thrill of a lifetime. And boy, they definitely don't disappoint. It starts with Caleb pulling the BOY'S SNEAKS OFF. Their MUSTY SOCKS are just INCHES AWAY FROM HIS FACE. Caleb can't resist. He STICKS HIS FACE right in their SMELLY SOCKED FEET. He immediately STARTS WORSHIPPING THEM. We just let the camera keep rolling. We never thought he'd stop enjoying their socks, but we knew he was dying to get to their SEXY BIG BAREFEET. Peter and Blake didn't hold back. They SHOVED THEIR TOES AND SOLES RIGHT IN HIS MOUTH. Caleb lost himself in their BEAUTIFUL FEET. Watch the action in this one!


Friday, 04 September 2015

Barefoot Studs Rule the Day!


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are a match made in heaven! He keeps showing us STRAIGHT MASCULINE FEET and we'll keep featuring them to our loyal members! There is nothing hotter than SEXY STRAIGHT GUYS showing off their HUGE FEET. They have no idea how much it teases us! Are you ready to be turned on? In this shoot, COOPER gives us a glimpse of the MOST PERFECT FEET EVER! Next up CHANCE LOGAN gets his SMELLY BOY FEET LICKED AND SUCKED REAL GOOD. Then, we have PARKER D. get his MASCULINE FEET SERVICED by Jake. Yum! Finally, TEX GEMMELL gets his AMAZING LARGE SOLES AND TOES TONGUED ALL OVER. These BAREFOOT STUDS definitely RULE THE DAY!


Friday, 28 August 2015

Blake Gets an Incredible Foot Massage


BLAKE is back! This SEXY SKATEBOARDER never ceases to amaze. He LOVES TO GET HIS FEET WORSHIPPED (he proved that a couple of weeks ago with Caleb!), now LEWIS gets his turn to work over his SOFT BOY FEET. Blake loves to be touched. He has an AWESOME BODY, CUTE FACE and such LICKABLE FEET. He definitely is the PERFECT PACKAGE! Watch him get an INCREDIBLE, SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. Lewis obviously enjoys CARESSING and RUBBING this boy's SEXY TOES AND SOLES. Who wouldn't? Enjoy!


Friday, 21 August 2015

Kevin's Big Feet Up Close During a Workout


Our loyal members can't get enough of our newest model KEVIN. This STUD really knows how to put on a show. He is so STRAIGHT it hurts! He has no idea why we LUST AFTER HIS FEET, but he's willing to keep on showing them to us. (That's all we really need to know!) In this shoot, Kevin gives us an UP CLOSE and PERSONAL LOOK at his SEXY RED SNEAKERSNICE WHITE SOCKED FEET and of course, those BIG BARE SOLES AND TOES. His FEET ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I for one could not get enough. He gave some amazing tips on working out in this shoot, but I have to admit, I didn't hear a thing he said - I was too busy ENJOYING HIS MASCULINE FEET IN OUR FACES! What a treat!


Friday, 14 August 2015

Caleb Can't Get Enough of Blake's Skateboarding Feet


CALEB IS COMPLETELY MESMERIZED BY BLAKE'S SEXY BOY FEET. There is no other way to describe this week's shoot. Blake LOVES GETTING HIS FEET WORSHIPPED and Caleb lives to LICK AND SUCK THEM ALL OVER. Sounds like a match made in heaven! This shoot was easy to film. We just let the cameras roll and watched these TWO GUYS LOSE THEMSELVES IN FOOT PLAY. It is obvious that Caleb wants nothing more than his TONGUE ALL OVER BLAKE'S CUTE BAREFEET. Blake makes the greatest expressions as he gets his BEAUTIFUL BOY TOES SUCKED. When Caleb begins to RUB HIS FACE in Blake's SOFT BOY SOLES this is where things really heat up! NON-STOP FOOT ACTION!



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