Friday, 18 December 2015

Caleb Worships Chris' Beautiful Boy Feet


If HOT BOY FEET WORSHIP is your thing - this week is for you! We have shot many FOOT WORSHIP scenes in the past, but we have never quite seen CALEB GO TO TOWN on a SEXY PAIR OF FEET like this before! CHRIS is the lucky recipient. Caleb knows exactly what he wants and goes for it! He ABSOLUTELY LOVES Chris' BEAUTIFUL TOES and SOFT NICE SHAPED SOLES. When you see him LICK THEM, you'll be mesmerized. He is in total heaven! He starts by putting Chris' SMELLY SOCKED FEET IN HIS MOUTH. Caleb can't get enough - he DEVOURS THEM! Then, he SLOWLY PEELS HIS SOCKS OFF and immediately puts Chris' BIG TOE IN HIS MOUTH AND SUCKS IT ALL THE WAY DOWN. Caleb is no amateur! He loses himself in Chris' AMAZING FEET. This one is a MUST WATCH!


Friday, 11 December 2015

Jock Feet Are All Around Us!


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are back with a new set of GORGEOUS STRAIGHT MEN FEET! Jake Cruise has to be one of the luckiest guys in the world. He gets to be around all of these HOT STRAIGHT JOCKS and their SEXY MASCULINE FEET. First up we have ZACK COOK. Jake does a number on his BIG JUICY TOES. Then, we have JAROD DIAMOND give us a great glimpse of his BIG BROAD MANLY SOLES. Next up, TREVOR is going to make you drool. His UNBELIEVABLY HOT FEET are going to drive you wild. Jake gets his TONGUE ON THEM. Finally, TROY ALEXANDER gets his SHOES AND SOCKS PEELED OFF to reveal some AMAZING WELL KEPT FEET! Where does Jake find these guys?? All we know is - keep them comin', PLEASE!


Friday, 04 December 2015

Win Soldier and Zozi Get Into Hot Foot Play


WIN SOLDIER is about to get his SEXY EUROPEAN FEET WORKED ON by none other than CUTE ZOZI. There is nothing hotter than a HOT GUY enjoying another HOT GUY'S BIG FEET. This is exactly what we get to see in this shoot. Zozi loves Wín's HUGE FEET. He starts by licking his WIDE SNEAKERS. Then, he UNLACES THEM to get down to his SMELLY WHITE SPORT SOCKS. They SMELL GREAT! He gets his TONGUE ON THEM TOO! Then, it's on to Win's BIG SOFT BAREFEET. Zozi can't resist. He gives them a GOOD LICKING ALL OVER. He even TICKLES HIS TOES AND SOLES. Whatever you may desire - this video has it all! Enjoy!


Friday, 27 November 2015

Chris and Caleb's Big Barefeet In Our Faces


If HOT SEXY BOYFEET RIGHT CLOSE TO YOUR FACE is your thing, then this week be prepared to be blown away! This week, CHRIS and CALEB are going to give you all a SPECIAL TREAT. They know how much you LOVE FEET. They give you an unforgettable show. There are NO SNEAKERS AND SOCKS in this one. We'll save that for another day. This one is all about BIG SMELLY BAREFEET IN YOUR FACE. Chris and Caleb put their HOT BOYFEET up on the table and they don't come off the table until they've shown you EVERY ANGLE, EVERY MOVEMENT, EVERY CURVE of their BEAUTIFUL TOES AND SOLES. Their FEET ARE MESMERIZING. Don't waste another minute getting your FOOT FIX! (Kleenex not included) :)


Friday, 20 November 2015

Blake Jerks Off and Shows Us His Feet Up Close


BLAKE IS ONE HORNED UP DUDE! Once in a while we get a guy in here to have his FEET WORSHIPPED and we can tell he is ROCK HARD FROM IT. We did a shoot with Blake and this is exactly what happened. We could see he had a HUGE HARDON IN HIS PANTS. We asked him if he'd like to relieve that. He said 'Sure, where can I do it?' Without wasting any time, we told him to lay on the bed and do his thing. Of course, we told him we want to be ADMIRING HIS SEXY FEET during it all. He said that would make him EVEN MORE HORNY. Wonderful! The best of both worlds. Here is the result.....enjoy!


Friday, 13 November 2015

Fratboy Peter Gets a Sensual Foot Massage


Have you ever dreamed of HOT FRATBOY FEET in your bed? Well this week, PETER BARES ALL and gives us a HOT, SENSUAL LOOK at his SEXY BOY FEET. Peter is SLEEPING IN BED when none other than LEWIS appears to give him a NICE EROTIC FOOT MASSAGE. Lewis REMOVES THE COVERS to get at Peter's BEAUTIFUL TOES AND SOLES. Lewis could have bent right down and STARTED SUCKING THEM. But instead, he lets Peter sleep and RUBS HIS FEET ever so gently and slowly. He feels every inch of Peter's SMOOTH BOY FEET. If only one of us foot guys were AT THE END OF THE BED! We would never let Peter leave! lol. Enjoy!


Friday, 06 November 2015

Chris and Caleb's Beautiful Sexy Boy Feet


STUDFEET.COM is kicking it up a notch! We get requests all the time to showcase some BIG, BEAUTIFUL SEXY BOY FEET. Well this week - we are going to blow your minds! We feature CALEB with the HUGE SIZE 12 FEET and a new model CHRIS. Both these guys KNOW HOW TO SATISFY YOUR FETISH. Caleb as we've seen in previous shoots, has a HUGE FOOT FETISH of his own. Chris has AMAZING FEET and LOVES TO HAVE THEM WORSHIPPED. A match made in heaven I'd say. In this shoot, watch Caleb and Chris WORK THEIR FEET IN CAMERA like no other. They start with their SNEAKERS ON and then SLOWLY TAKE THEM OFF to give us a good glimpse of their LARGE SOCKED FEET. You can almost taste them! Then, it's on to their SEXY BARE FEET. They model their DELICIOUS TOES AND SOLES. What a treat! If you aren't ROCK HARD during this video, you need to visit a doctor! :) Enjoy!


Friday, 30 October 2015

Masculine Stud Feet That Will Rock Your World


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE keep bring out the STUDS! What is it with HOT STRAIGHT STUD FEET that makes us weak at the knees? We have another batch of GORGEOUS GUYS and even SEXIER FEET. More and more, hotties are baring their FEET FOR US TO ENJOY! All I can say is....KEEP IT COM'IN!! In this shoot we have the AMAZING DAVID TAYLOR. Jakes PEELS HIS SOCKS OFF to reveal some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL SOFT FEET. Then, we have RUGGED JOE THUNDER. This stud has INCREDIBLE FEET! Next up, we have SEXY ERIC BLAINE. This young guy has WONDERFUL BOY FEET. Care for a LICK anyone? Finally, we get treated to CLIFF JENSEN who shows us his BIG SIZE 11s. He puts them RIGHT IN OUR FACE! It doesn't get much better than this! Enjoy!


Friday, 23 October 2015

Zozi Shows Us His Incredible Sexy Feet


SEXY ZOZI is here to give us a great FOOT SHOW! This week we are going to stick some HOT BOY FEET IN YOUR FACE. Zozi gets up close and personal. We see every angle and contour of his BIG SEXY FEET. In this shoot, Zozi takes off his SMELLY SNEAKERS. He gives them a BIG WHIFF! He wants you to admire his BLACK SOCKED FEET. His FEET LOOK GREAT in them. Zozi SLOWLY PEELS THEM OFF to reveal some bad ass SEXY TOES AND SOLES. This guy knows you want to WORSHIP HIS BIG FEET. He spares no opportunity to help you SATISFY YOUR FETISH. Go on....ENJOY HIS FEET.



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