Friday, 15 April 2016

Brandon Steel's Masculine Beefy Feet


Once in a while, a SEXY GUY comes along and you are really curious to SEE HIS FEET. This is what happened with BRANDON STEEL. He's a BIG MASCULINE GUY. When we heard he was going to do a FOOT SHOW, I couldn't wait! Well, I wasn't disappointed. This SEXY EUROPEAN STUD doesn't disappoint. His MASCULINE SIZE 12 FEET are amazing! He starts in his SNEAKERS and TAKES ONE OFF. He gives it a GOOD SNIFF! Then, he shows off his HUGE SOCKED FEET. They are awesome. Finally, we get to see his MASSIVE BAREFEET. He has WIDE SOLES and BEEFY TOES. They definitely need some attention. Any takers? Enjoy!


Friday, 08 April 2016

Grizz Shows Off His Incredible Boy Feet


There is a new boy in town! His name is GRIZZ and he is going to let us ENJOY HIS SEXY FEET! Yum! Grizz is a quiet, shy guy. He doesn't understand what this FOOT FETISH thing is all about (wouldn't one of us like to teach him!) However, he's happy to help us out. Grizz has SIZE 11 FEET. They definitely look good on camera. He starts off in BLACK SOCKS and moves his TOES AROUND in them. Then, his SOCKS COME OFF and we get to see his NICE, BIG, SOFT SOLES. We see the TOPS OF HIS FEET too. He's got great LONG TOES. Very nice - he's a cutie by all standards. We are definitely going to see more of Grizz!


Friday, 01 April 2016

Chris and Caleb Enjoy More Foot Worship


There is NOTHING HOTTER than watching a GENUINE FOOT GUY INDULGE IN HIS CRAFT. CALEB IS IN LOVE WITH CHRIS' FEET. There are no two ways about it. In this shoot, we get some AMAZING CLOSE-UPS of Chris and his STUNNING FEET. Caleb loses himself in them. He is in heaven. Caleb could care less that the camera is rolling. He is MAKING LOVE TO BEAUTIFUL SEXY BOY FEET. That's all that matters. There really isn't anyway to describe this scene, other than to say - If you are a REAL FOOT LOVER, you'll completely understand Caleb's EXCITEMENT AND PASSION FOR CHRIS' DELICOUS BARE TOES AND SOLES. It really doesn't get much better than this! Enjoy!


Friday, 25 March 2016

Roman Gives Us a Wonderful Jerk Off Show


ROMAN is in the house! This SOCCER STUD is horned up and wants to unload. We can't pass up an opportunity like this! Roman is BIG AND RUGGED. He knows we love how MASCULINE he is and he plays it up. He tells us he's gonna JERK OFF. Then, he wastes no time and gets right at it. He takes off his jeans and shows us his SEXY BLACK BOXER BRIEFS. Roman's thighs are huge! He begins to entice us with his SOCKED FEET. It's turning us on and is obviously turning him on. He takes his time. There is no rush. He PULLS OUT HIS DICK and begins STROKING ever so passionately. He keeps the momentum going. After a while, we see him EXPLODE ON HIS FEET. Definitely worth the wait!


Friday, 18 March 2016

Alfredo Cataldo and Jose Ganetti Go Crazy For Feet


The FOOT WORSHIP JUST KEEPS ON COMMIN'! This week we have a great matchup with ALFREDO CASTALDO and JOSE GANETTI. These STUDS are ready to FEED YOUR FETISH! Both of them are eager to please each other's SEXY FEET. It starts with Jose GOING TO TOWN on Alfredo's BEEFY FEET. Major LICKING AND SUCKING ACTION goes on here! Then, we are treated to Alfredo getting his fill of Jose's ATHLETIC FEET. There is even some SOCK LICKING going on in this one. These two studs don't hold back - they go crazy! TWO MASCULINE GUYS IN HOT FOOT ACTION! A real treat for all of us FOOT LOVERS!


Friday, 11 March 2016

Chris and Caleb's Hot Foot Worship


The dynamic duo are back! CHRIS and CALEB are a big hit with many of our loyal members. Why wouldn't they be? Chris has the MOST INCREDIBLE FEET! And luckily for us, Caleb has a HUGE FOOT FETISH. Get this pair together and watch sparks fly! Some of the HOTTEST FOOT WORSHIP on video is right here. Forget videos that have guys pretending to LIKE FEET when they don't - BORING! This is the BONA FIDE REAL THING! It starts with Chris PUTTING HIS  SNEAKERS up at Caleb's face. Immediately, Caleb needs to PULL THOSE SNEAKERS OFF and get to Chris' aromatic BLACK SOCKS. They look great! It's not long before Caleb PULLS HIS SOCKS OFF. Those BEAUTIFUL FEET ARE EXPOSED and ready for the taking. You have to watch the FOOT WORSHIP that ensues. TOO HOT FOR WORDS! Enjoy! 

Friday, 04 March 2016

Straight Hunk Feet All Around Us


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are treating you to more STRAIGHT HUNKS! I don't know how Jake gets these guys to BARE THEIR SOLES, but lucky for us HE DOES! In this update we have SEXY CHRISTIAN KENNEDY. Watch Jake GO WILD ON HIS FEET. Then we have BRET BROOKSIDE. This STUD has the MOST GORGEOUS FEET. He gets them LICKED ALL OVER. Next we have ROBERT AXEL showing us his MANLY FEET. Jake does a number on these too! Finally, we have BRANDON RICHARDS. This CUTE GUY is definitely fascinated by someone ENJOYING HIS FEET. Get ready to be turned on by these STRAIGHT HUNKS!


Friday, 26 February 2016

Roman Gets a Sensual Foot Massage


ROMAN is back! This SOCCER STUD has REAL MAN FEET. They are BIG AND RUGGED. The thing is that Roman is a real sweetheart. He LOVES GETTING A FOOT MASSAGE. As soon as we hear those words, we have no choice but to bring in the MASSAGE EXPERT - LEWIS. He jumped at the chance to TOUCH ROMAN'S SEXY FEET! In this shoot, we get to see Lewis work his magic. He starts at Roman's MOIST WHITE SOCKS. They SMELL GREAT! He SLOWLY PEELS THEM OFF and we are treated to a great display of Roman's BIG WIDE SOLES and THICK TOES. His MASCULINE FEET LOOK OH SO TEMPTING! Enjoy!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Jose Ganetti's Amazing Euro Foot Show


JOSE GANETTI is going to give us a GREAT FOOT SHOW! This EURO STUD doesn't disappoint. Jose has a great BOYISH LOOK and when he starts to SLOWLY PULL HIS BIG SNEAKS OFF the anticipation is high. Is he trying to make us weak? He knows we want to see his STINKY SOCKS and BIG BAREFEET. He shows us all the angles. His FEET ARE GREAT! They are VERY LICKABLE! There is nothing better than a HOT EURO GUY TEASING US with this BIG MANLY FEET! Keep it comin'!



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