Age: 27

Height: 6.''1

Weight: 185 lbs

Shoe size: 12

Occupation: Banker



Caleb's Content:

Skateboader Jake Gets His Smelly Feet Worshipped 

Date: 07/03/15

Peter Gets His Hot Boy Feet Worshipped on the Stairs 

Date: 07/24/15


Caleb Can't Get Enough of Blake's Skateboarding Feet 

Date: 08/14/15

Blake and Peter Get Their Boy Feet Worshipped 

Date: 09/11/15


Caleb Can't Stop Worshipping Blake and Peter's Sexy Feet

Date: 10/02/15

Chris and Caleb's Beautiful Sexy Boy Feet 

Date: 11/06/15


Chris and Caleb's Big Barefeet in Our Faces 

Date: 11/27/15

Caleb Worships Chris' Beautiful Boy Feet 

Date: 12/18/15


Peter Gets His Incredible Teen Feet Licked and Sucked 

Date: 12/25/15

Chris Goes Down on Caleb's Huge Feet

Date: 01/01/16


Caleb Tickles Chris' Soft Boy Feet 

Date: 07/15/11

Chris Tickles Caleb's Big Fratboy Feet 

Date: 06/10/11




Chris and Caleb's Hot Foot Worship

Date: 03/11/16

Chris and Caleb Enjoy More Foot Worship 

Date: 04/01/16




Chris and Caleb's Amazing Feet Closeup

Date: 05/06/16

Grizz Gets His Sexy Boy Feet Tickled 

Date: 05/27/16




Caleb Massages Grizz's Soft Boy Feet 

Date: 06/10/16

Caleb Worships Grizz's Big Boy Feet 

Date: 07/08/16





Caleb Gives Grizz a Good Foot Licking

Date: 09/09/16