Friday, 12 February 2016

Chris Tickles Caleb's Big Fratboy Feet


It's payback time! We had CALEB TICKLE CHRIS' FEET a short while ago, well now the tables are turned. Chris gets to give Caleb a taste of his own medicine. Chris doesn't waste any time with Caleb's BIG FEET UP. He goes to work, PULLING HIS SOCKS OFF and EXPOSING THOSE HUGE BARE SOLES. They look so tempting right there in front of us. Caleb gets his FINGERS RIGHT IN THERE ALL OVER THE SOLES and IN BETWEEN THE TOES. Caleb reacts quite nicely. Those BIG BAREFEET are no match for Chris' savvy fingers and moves. Chris knows exactly what he's doing! Caleb can hardly hold in his laughter and excitement. Enjoy!


Friday, 05 February 2016

John G. Jerks Off and We Admire His Feet


In this video, we get straight to the point. JOHN has only one thing on his mind. He's horned up and wants to JERK OFF. Thing is, our members want to see his BIG SEXY FEET. So we compromise. John STROKES HIS COCK and we put the camera at the bottom of the bed so we can WATCH HIS BEAUTIFUL BIG FEET while he unloads. WE ALL WIN! Wouldn't you say? Watch John really get into this scene. We get to see EVERY SMALL MOVEMENT OF HIS TOES. He could care less the camera is on. He wants to SHOOT A BIG LOAD. And that's exactly what he does. :)

Friday, 29 January 2016

Caleb Tickles Chris' Soft Boy Feet


CHRIS and CALEB are current fan favorites! These two guys have AMAZING FEET and love their FEET BEING PLAYED WITH. In this shoot, we wanted to see how TICKLISH CHRIS' FEET are. We definitely know he likes have them LICKED, but what about TICKLED? Well luckily Caleb wants to find out too. He doesn't waste any time getting right in there with his FINGERS and goes to work on Chris' SOFT TOES AND SOLES. Could it be that this boy enjoys ANY ATTENTION TO HIS FEET - EVEN TICKLING? It starts with his SOCKS ON and then quickly moves to his BAREFEET. Caleb really gives them a going over! We get to see some great views of Chris' PERFECT BOY FEET! Enjoy!


Friday, 22 January 2016

Roman Bares His Huge Soccer Player Feet


This week we are treated to a bona fide STRAIGHT SOCCER PLAYER! His name is ROMAN and this STUD BOY definitely knows how to light up a room. He starts off by telling us he is curious about FOOT FETISHES. Then he goes on to say that he likes having his FEET PLAYED WITH! His presence is amazing! He wants to SHARE HIS FEET with the rest of us. He starts out by showing us his BIG SNEAKS and then kicks them off to reveal BIG WIDE SOCKED FEET. These are MAN FEET! They are not dainty in the least! He PEELS OFF HIS SOCKS to show us his BIG WIDE BARE FEET. Roman has HUGE SOLES AND TOES. He's a genuine nice guy. Listen to him talk and you'll know what we mean. :)

Friday, 15 January 2016

You Have Just Entered Foot Heaven


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are bringing you to FOOT HEAVEN! Another crop of HOT STUDS and their MASCULINE FEET awaits you. Watch these guys TEMPT YOU with their STRAIGHT FEET. First up we have TREVOR. This GORGEOUS GUY has a STUNNING BODY and INCREDIBLE FEET to match. Next, we have HARRY JANSEN. This HANDSOME STUD gets his SHOES and SOCKS TAKEN OFF. He's got AMAZING FEET. Then we have JUSTIN RIDDICK showing his BIG MANLY FEET to ya'll. Last, but not least, we have JOEY SOTO. This CUTE GUY has SEXY FEET that he knows we're dying to see. Be prepared to enter FOOT HEAVEN!


Friday, 08 January 2016

Alfredo Castaldo's Smelly Masculine Feet


ALFREDO CASTALDO is going to give us our fill of HOT BODYBUILDER FEET! This guy LOVES US DROOLING AT HIS MASCULINE. His BIG BEEFY TOES AND SOLES are exactly what gets many of us going. This guy doesn't disappoint! He shows us his HUGE BROWN SHOES. They make his FEET LOOK SO WIDE! Next, he takes them off to reveal BIG MUSTY WHITE SOCKS. He TAKES ONE OFF and gives it a GOOD SNIFF! Oh, yeah! Then, he slowly reveals his LARGE BARE FEET. Who wouldn't want to GO TO TOWN ON THESE SEXY FEET! Alfredo is one HOT RUGGED MAN! Enjoy!


Friday, 01 January 2016

Chris Goes Down on Caleb's Huge Feet


CHRIS has the most BEAUTIFUL, SEXY BOY FEET, but this week we turn the tables and give him a chance to WORSHIP CALEB'S HUGE DOGS. It is evident that these guys LOVE EACH OTHER'S FEET! Chris wastes no time GOING DOWN on Caleb's WIDE SOLES AND THICK TOES. Chris is basically MAKING LOVE to Caleb's BIG FEET and the whole time Caleb watches him intently. Caleb LOVES THIS BOY DOWN AT HIS FEET LICKING THEM! Chris PERFORMS BIG TIME! He doesn't MISS AN INCH of Caleb's SOFT TOES. He KISSES THEM AND PASSIONATELY SUCKS THEM. These two are BONA FIDE FOOT GUYS! It's definitely a treat to watch!


Friday, 25 December 2015

Peter Gets His Incredible Teen Feet Licked and Sucked


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We couldn't have received a better gift from Santa today than PETER and his INCREDIBLE BOY FEET! Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, we are going to give you guys quite a FOOT SHOW. Peter's SEXY BOY FEET are for the taking, and we couldn't think of a better person to match him up with than CALEB. The FOOT WORSHIP IS INTENSE. Caleb goes straight to work on Peter's BLACK SOCKED FEET. He SNIFFS THEM and GETS HIS TONGUE ALL OVER THEM. Peter loves it! Once the SOCKS COME OFF, Caleb and Peter don't even know we exist. Caleb goes to work like you've never seen before - basically MAKING LOVE to Peter's PERFECT FRAT BOY FEET. There is no stopping him! We caught every second of it. Enjoy!


Friday, 18 December 2015

Caleb Worships Chris' Beautiful Boy Feet


If HOT BOY FEET WORSHIP is your thing - this week is for you! We have shot many FOOT WORSHIP scenes in the past, but we have never quite seen CALEB GO TO TOWN on a SEXY PAIR OF FEET like this before! CHRIS is the lucky recipient. Caleb knows exactly what he wants and goes for it! He ABSOLUTELY LOVES Chris' BEAUTIFUL TOES and SOFT NICE SHAPED SOLES. When you see him LICK THEM, you'll be mesmerized. He is in total heaven! He starts by putting Chris' SMELLY SOCKED FEET IN HIS MOUTH. Caleb can't get enough - he DEVOURS THEM! Then, he SLOWLY PEELS HIS SOCKS OFF and immediately puts Chris' BIG TOE IN HIS MOUTH AND SUCKS IT ALL THE WAY DOWN. Caleb is no amateur! He loses himself in Chris' AMAZING FEET. This one is a MUST WATCH!



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