Friday, 07 August 2015

Frant Trost and Janos Volt Get Into Hot Foot Play


FRANK TROST AND JANOS VOLT are about to get hot and heavy! They both have BIG EUROPEAN FEET and they are going to put on quite a show! This shoot has it all - SNEAKER SNIFFING, SOCK SUCKING, FOOT LICKING, FOOT JOBS, WIDE SEXY SOLES AND NICE THICK MANLY TOES. Watch Frank and Janos INDULGE YOUR FETISH real good. They know exactly what you want to see and they don't disappoint! If LARGE MASCULINE FEET ARE YOUR THING, you won't want to miss this one! Enjoy!


Friday, 31 July 2015

John G. Puts His Big Basketball Feet Up For Us To Admire


We would like to introduce you to JOHN G. This sexy 27 year old is intrigued by FOOT FETISHES. He's heard of them, but not to sure what they're all about - anyone want to enlighten him? His SEXY FACE and SOFT SIZE 13s are enough to make us want to PULL THOSE BIG RED SNEAKS OFF. He tells us he likes to play basketball (at 6'3" it's no wonder he plays) and is a genuine sweetheart. In this shoot, we get to see his NICE LARGE SNEAKERS, SEXY GREY SOCKS and of course his SUPER HUGE BAREFFET. When he SCRUNCHES HIS TOES his FEET LOOK AMAZING! Even though he's straight, hopefully he ends with someone who appreciates those DELICIOUS MANLY FEET!


Friday, 24 July 2015

Peter Gets His Hot Boy Feet Worshipped on the Stairs


Summer is in full gear! There are so many HOT BOYS out there in FLIP FLOPS and NICE SHOES, often with NO SOCKS. Are they trying to drive us crazy!? To pay tribute to these SEXY STUDS out and about, we have something special this week. PETER is here to LET US ADORE HIS SMELLY BOY FEET. Get ready for some HOT FOOT WORSHIP! CALEB is literally IN LOVE with PETER'S FEET. It is evident as we watch Caleb immediately get Peter's SHOES OFF. He plays with Peter's SOCKED FEET, SNIFFING THEM and GETTING THEM IN HIS MOUTH. He RUBS HIS FACE IN THEM. But, wait! Caleb can't wait to PEEL PETER'S SOCKS OFF. Mmmmmm. You can tell they SMELL GREAT. Caleb proceeds to give Peter an AMAZING FOOT LICKING. He doesn't miss an inch. His TONGUE gets all over the SOLES, BETWEEN THE TOES and he puts his FACE RIGHT IN THEM. I told you - CALEB LOVES PETER'S SMELLY BOY FEET!


Friday, 17 July 2015

Kevin Gets His Big Athletic Feet Massaged


KEVIN is back! And boy oh boy, we are treated to some DELICIOUS BIG JOCK FEET UP CLOSE! This week, Kevin is getting a SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. He lays back and gets his SEXY STUD TOES AND SOLES RUBBED. We get to see them real natural. His eyes are closed and we are right below his SEXY FEET. Just imagine WORSHIPPING THOSE HUGE FRATBOY FEET. He doesn't mind. The camera angles are amazing. Lewis goes real slow and gives us a GREAT SHOW. This BOY'S SOFT FEET are to die for. Go on...GET YOUR FACE IN THEM! LICK THEM! SUCK THEM! Enjoy!


Friday, 10 July 2015

A Foot Bonanza With Hot Masculine Studs


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE have done it again! You are about to see a bona fide FOOT BONANZA! These SEXY STRAIGHT STUDS have AMAZING FEET and they are ready to TEASE YOU with them. Watch FOUR HOT SCENES with STUD FEET as the main focus. In the first scene, we see SHANE BRIXTON get his INCREDIBLE BOY FEET WORSHIPPED by Jake. Next up, ALEX MORNETI has his SOCKS PEELED OFF to reveal the HOTTEST MAN FEET. Then, we are treated to BLADE WOODS who is manhandled by Jake. His BEAUTIFUL BOY FEET will make you drool. Lastly, straight boy JACKSON KLEIN has his BIG SIZE 13'S admired up close. Whew! Where to start!


Friday, 03 July 2015

Skateboarder Blake Gets His Smelly Boy Feet Worshipped


There is nothing better than HOT BOY FEET! Today, we are going to let CALEB get DOWN AND DIRTY with them! Caleb absolutely LOVES BLAKE'S SKATEBOARDING FEET. In this shoot, we just let the camera's role and kept filming. Caleb and Blake did the rest. Blake truly LOVES HAVING HIS FEET WORSHIPPED. Caleb hardly came up for air as he LICKED, SUCKED and RUBBED HIS FACE all in Blake's SEXY FEET. Caleb can work wonders with his tongue. It was everywhere all over BLAKES SMELLY FEET. He gets in BETWEEN HIS TOES, LICKS HIS ARCHES and INHALES HIS MUSTY SOLES. You gotta see this one!


Friday, 26 June 2015

Janos Volt's Beefy Masculine Feet


JANOS VOLT is in the house! This week we are going to give you a glimpse of some REAL MAN FEET. There are no dainty TOES AND SOLES in this update. Here, we present BIG HARDWORKING MASCULINE FEET. Janos has is the perfect model for this. He likes that we admire his BROAD FEET and wants us to enjoy them. Watch him in this shoot start with MUSTY SNEAKS and then TAKE THEM OFF for a GOOD SNIFF! Then we see his BLACK SOCKS cling to his feet. They are PEELED OFF to reveal some GREAT BIG SMELLY BAREFEET. Give them a whiff! Go on! Janos doesn't mind. :)


Friday, 19 June 2015

Peter Gets a Sensual Barefoot Massage


If HOT CUTE BOYS are your thing, then this week you will love PETER'S SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. We had him back, after viewers wrote us saying that some of them had a wicked crush on this SEXY BOY (and who wouldn't?) He is too cute for words. In this shoot, he gets his GORGEOUS BOY FEET taken care off. First in his SNEAKERS, he has them TAKEN OFF to reveal his WONDERFUL BLACK SOCKS. His SOCKED FEET get massaged nice and deep. They look great on his BIG FEET. Then, the SOCKS ARE PEELED OFF to show his BEAUTIFUL TOES AND SOLES. Throughout the massage, Peter also gets his FEET TICKLED. His FEET ARE SENSITIVE. He laughs and feels great. This boy knows how to make us weak at the knees!


Friday, 12 June 2015

Blake Reveals His Foot Fetish and Shows Us His Sexy Feet


A new model is about to rock your world! This week, we introduce you to BLAKE. He is a HOT SKATERBOY (which is in itself enough to peak our interest), but when the cameras start rolling this SEXY STUD unknowingly admits to us that he also has a FOOT FETISH. He LOVES FEET! On top of all this, he tells us that he LOVES TO HAVE HIS FEET WORSHIPPED! Did we hit the jackpot or what? Blake starts by showing us his BEAT UP SKATEBOARD SNEAKERS and then kicks them off to reveal some NICE FRAGRANT BLACK SOCKS. He SLOWLY MOVES HIS TOES AROUND IN THEM. Ugh! Then, the SOCKS COME OFF and we are treated to his WIDE SEXY BARE SOLES and NICE TOES. A perfect boy who LOVES HIS FEET LICKED AND SUCKED. The gods have blessed us!



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