Friday, 03 June 2016

Sexy Dudes and Their Big Feet


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are putting SEXY DUDE FEET front and center! We have another installment of hot guys who have no problem baring there AMAZING TOES AND SOLES. Lucky for us! We can't get enough. In this shoot, watch AJ MONROE and ROCK get into HOT FOOT ACTION! Then, we have RICK MCCOY. This STUD gets his BEAUTIFUL FEET WORSHIPPED by Jake. Next, we have CONNOR MAGUIRE. This guy has BIG WIDE MASCULINE FEET. Incredible! Finally, we have ERIC BLAINE exposing his SEXY STRAIGHT FEET for us to drool over. You'll watch this one time and time again!


Friday, 27 May 2016

Grizz Gets His Sexy Boy Feet Tickled


CALEB got wind that there was a NEW HOT GUY on the site. He gave us a shout one day and told us he is IN LOVE WITH GRIZZ. We told him to wait in line! Grizz has a few admirers by this point. Caleb asked what does he have to do to get his HANDS on Grizz's SEXY BOY FEET. We told him we heard that Grizz was a BIT TICKLISH. Wanna have a go at them? Caleb said whatever it takes. What a good FOOT BOY he is. :) In this shoot, watch Caleb give Grizz a GOOD LONG TICKLE. It starts in his DARK SOCKED FEET and then moves on to his SOFT BOY BAREFEET. Caleb doesn't hold back and let's Grizz have it. Grizz doesn't mind one bit being tortured in this way - very interesting. :) Watch the action unfold.


Friday, 20 May 2016

Max Summers and Brandon Steel Get Into Hot Foot Play


When you think of HOT MASCULINE FEET, it doesn't get better than this! MAX SUMMERS and BRANDON STEEL have teamed up to TEMPT US FOOT GUYS. From watching this video, I would assume both totally have FOOT FETISHES. They really get into it! The way they SNIFF SOCKS, SUCK TOES and GET INTO EACH OTHER'S FEET, it appears to be a true bona fide attraction. In this video, you see it all - ARMPIT LICKING, SOCK SNIFFING, FOOT LICKING, and even BASTINDO FOOT SPANKING - WOW! Let these STUDS INDULGE YOUR FETISH senses. You'll wonder why this dynamic duo didn't make this video sooner. Enjoy!


Friday, 13 May 2016

Grizz's Fratboy Feet Never Cease to Amaze


GRIZZ doesn't get the FOOT FETISH thing. That's okay. He doesn't need to understand it. He just needs to let us ENJOY HIS SEXY FEET! And that he does. Grizz has AMAZING SMELLING BOY FEET. He has no idea how much they turn us on. We have him back to give us a GOOD FOOT SHOW. He starts of in his BIG SNEAKS and QUICKLY REMOVES THEM to let us admire his DARK SOCKED FEET. His SOLES LOOK SO GOOD in those BLACK SOCKS. It doesn't take long and his SOCKS COME OFF. We are treated to his BIG BAREFEET FEET while he WATCHES US. He knows we LOVE 'EM. Go on! What are you waiting for? Give them a BIG SNIFF!


Friday, 06 May 2016

Chris and Caleb's Amazing Feet Closeup


This week we are going to get UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. CHRIS and CALEB are back. They have been member favorites in the past - well today they are going to let you really INSPECT THEIR BEAUTIFUL SEXY FEET. This week we get the camera right up close to their AMAZING TOES AND SOLES. These guys hold nothing back. They WIGGLE THEIR TOES IN OUR FACES. They SPREAD THEIR FEET WIDE and WRESTLE THEIR FEET with one another. The camera then moves to the top were we get to see their INCREDIBLE FEET FROM ABOVE. They continually RUB THEIR FEET TOGETHER and tempt us FOOT GUYS. Every angle is covered in this one. The whole time we get to enjoy an incredible view!


Friday, 29 April 2016

Grizz Gets His Soft Boy Feet Massaged


GRIZZ is back! This time LEWIS wants in on the action. Whenever one of our models says he LIKES GETTING FOOT MASSAGES (who doesn't!), we have Lewis here to take over the reigns. In this shoot, Grizz is just laying back and sleeping. It is clear he enjoys Lewis' WONDERFUL HANDS all over SEXY BOY FEET. Lewis really gets into it. The session is long and he does a good job. Lewis loves working Grizz's TOES AND SOLES with his fingers. Sometimes Lewis uses his FINGERS SO LIGHTLY he almost TICKLES HIS FEET. It's an intimate occasion when Lewis gets to work on Grizz's SOFF BOY FEET. Who could resist touching this BOY'S AMAZING FEET!


Friday, 22 April 2016

It's a Stud Feet Extravaganza!


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are back to provide the ULTIMATE FOOT EXTRAVAGANZA! These guys don't mess around! They really know how to FEED YOUR FETISH! It starts with the infamous ZEB ATLAS. This BODYBUILDING STUD gets his BIG BAREFEET WORSHIPPED. Next, we have the AMAZING CUTIE DAVID TAYLOR. This FRATBOY'S FEET ARE DELICIOUS. Then, we have JOCK AARON RIVERS getting his SHOES AND SOCKS PEELED OFF by Jake. He's got AMAZING BEEFY FEET. Lastly, we are treated to GAVIN WATERS. This BEAUTIFUL GUY has INCREDIBLE SOFT LOOKING FEET. It really is a FOOT EXTRAVAGANZA! Enjoy!


Friday, 15 April 2016

Brandon Steel's Masculine Beefy Feet


Once in a while, a SEXY GUY comes along and you are really curious to SEE HIS FEET. This is what happened with BRANDON STEEL. He's a BIG MASCULINE GUY. When we heard he was going to do a FOOT SHOW, I couldn't wait! Well, I wasn't disappointed. This SEXY EUROPEAN STUD doesn't disappoint. His MASCULINE SIZE 12 FEET are amazing! He starts in his SNEAKERS and TAKES ONE OFF. He gives it a GOOD SNIFF! Then, he shows off his HUGE SOCKED FEET. They are awesome. Finally, we get to see his MASSIVE BAREFEET. He has WIDE SOLES and BEEFY TOES. They definitely need some attention. Any takers? Enjoy!


Friday, 08 April 2016

Grizz Shows Off His Incredible Boy Feet


There is a new boy in town! His name is GRIZZ and he is going to let us ENJOY HIS SEXY FEET! Yum! Grizz is a quiet, shy guy. He doesn't understand what this FOOT FETISH thing is all about (wouldn't one of us like to teach him!) However, he's happy to help us out. Grizz has SIZE 11 FEET. They definitely look good on camera. He starts off in BLACK SOCKS and moves his TOES AROUND in them. Then, his SOCKS COME OFF and we get to see his NICE, BIG, SOFT SOLES. We see the TOPS OF HIS FEET too. He's got great LONG TOES. Very nice - he's a cutie by all standards. We are definitely going to see more of Grizz!



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